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Washington State's Olympic Peninsula is perhaps one of the premiere camping and outdoor recreation areas in all of North America.  It offers a one-of-its kind rainforest that exists nowhere else on the planet.  Several insect, mammal and bird species that are found no where else.  It is possible to don a backpack, start onto an established hiking trail and see no other person for an entire day.  Travelers come from all over the world to experience the beauty of the area,
The terrain is quite varied with miles of beaches and rugged seashore to towering mountains that exceed 7,500 feet in height.  Winters are wet at the lower elevations and snowy at the higher elevations.  Summers are drier with daytime temperatures topping 100 degrees occasionally but weather in the 70's is far more common.
Olympic National Park encompasses the majority of the Olympic Peninsula with ranger stations at the most heavily used areas.  Combining Olympic National Park campgrounds, state camping facilities, county campgrounds and the national forest established campgrounds there are more than 60 campgrounds that range from backpack hike-in campsites on the shores of an alpine lake to the typical RV camping oriented campgrounds.
Typical recreation activities include world class game fishing, bird watching, wildlife watching, beachcombing, boating, canoeing kayaking, photography, deep sea fishing, hiking, whale watching and just sitting on a lonely stretch of beach watching the seagulls.  The towns of Sequim and Port Townsend are both charming hamlets that deserve a day of visiting each.  Fort Worden is a historic area not to be missed - complete with museums, cannon emplacements, a marine center, kayak rentals, camping and just plain old beach strolls.
No matter where you go on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, you are never more than a few miles from another RV camping or tent camping campground, and another day of fun.


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